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Neighbor spying while I'm being a phone sex whoreLately, my muslim neighbor has been hacking and spying on me! First he asked to borrow the wifi password, now I swear he knows everything I do because he always mentions it subtly. He is always watching me and my habits, and looking at me through his window. What a voyeur! I know he has the hots for me but he is too shy to say it. It’s because he doesn’t want to marry me like how they do in their culture, he just wants to fuck. Muslim guys are so afraid to ask for sex it’s funny. He dreams of me coming into his room when he’s sleeping to fuck him, but he’s too scared to make the move himself.

I’m not sure he has a big cock actually come to think of it. If he had a big one you’d think he’d be so confident in knowing he is a fuckable, masculine catch. He doesn’t quite act like that though, he acts kind of like a pervy slave or a sissy. I’m betting he has a small cock and he senses my dominance as a beautiful young woman. He knows he is incapable of pleasing me or settling down with me long term, knowing I am a fast white girl who fucks a lot. That’s why he wants to be my little small-cock toy for the moment.

I know he’s reading this as I write this now, even though he will pretend he isn’t. It gets him off knowing I’m secretly letting him watch me and keep the door open to view me when his cock gets hard.

It’s okay Awais. I know you’re watching, but little Tara’s little pussy is waiting for a real big cock. <3

email: tinyteentara@gmail.com & skype: tinyteentara_1

I’m just NOW posting these pics for the world to see. So let me show the world what I do to little dicks like YOU!


Yuk. But Look at this sissy fag showing his loyalty!

There are many things I want to do to a perverted fuck like you! More than that, I want to make you mine COMPLETELY. I want to sell you like the piece of meat you are to all the BBC on the street. Any dollar you make, I want to put it into MY bank account. You will be entitled to none of that money, only cock in your mouth!

Does a Pathetic Penis Deserve Pleasure?


This bitch FOLLOWS ORDERS well!

Let’s cut the shit. You know exactly what you are good for. You’re good for pleasuring me and all the other cocks and that’s about it.

That small penis of yours? When did you get the bright idea that a tiny penis like that could even feel pleasure for you? Pleasure for you is nonexistent.



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