Sensual Domination

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You can’t resist or deny these curves. My body is too busty and my thighs are far too delicious for that! I know you just by you looking, you might already very well be at mercy to me. My curves are dominant by nature. You cannot clap back to these busty twins or to this phat white girl ass. Chances are you want it in your face, right now! So what are you waiting for? Me to come to you first? Ha ha, you know I don’t work like that babe. You have to cum to ME and cum to me quick before I get off with someone else!

Disciplining subs and sissies is my forte. I live, breathe, eat, sleep authority and that’s how it’s going to stay. I get what I want from whomever I’m controlling every time. No excuses. Ever played the delicate game of tease and denial? I’d like to get you to the point of almost no return edging wise then demand that you stop and refrain from spilling even one drop. No one disappoints me and gets away with it. If you are unsure if a Mistress is for you then I am the place to start.

Some  of my specialties are sadomasochism play, bondage, erotic sexual denial that may include a cock cage. Don’t forget total power exchange and of course flogging. I am well versed erotic domination and am willing to take a chance on you at least once. If you prove yourself to me and are a good obedient slave then I just might take you on as one of my pets. If you’ve looking for the best FemDom play in the biz, hit me up and I’ll survey if you’re good enough to hang with Veronica. Until then, my pet…

I am your Discipline Fantasy Goddess. Once you’ve had a single call with me you’ll know what it’s like to have spoken to a real woman in control. There are very simple steps in which to become one of my pets. Number one, don’t waste my time. When my indicator says I am available, I am here to take your call. But only if you are ready to serve me. I want you to have your toys, your outfits, any other “playthings” handy when you dial me up because we are going to get down to work!

I don’t know if you’ve participated in being humiliated before but I tell it like it is. There isn’t anything you can hide from me, my sweet little sissy. Number two, you must always honor your Goddess. When you are serious about sensual domination and discipline fantasy, you get the most out of each and every session.

I am here to teach you, instruct you, control your every move…I want you to completely submit to me and be my slave. My very attentive slave, “Sara” is what he/she likes to go by… and they regularly send me pics of themselves dressed in their sexiest outfits in public places, emails detailing their scandalous provocative behavior in between calls as well as receipts from sultry purchases on their way. The more you play with me, the more we will be able to anticipate one another’s needs. I expect consistent updates and check-in’s from my pets. Don’t keep me waiting for long, I am available by appointment or if my indicator is on. I look forward to playing with you.

Oh, how bittersweet it is to finally have my revenge. It’s not like I wanted to get back at you, not at first. In fact, I was really fond of you first, but then I found out about your dark secret. I was fine with playing games with you, letting you think I was in on it. But did really think I’d keep my mouth shut?

Well, I thought I’d help you hide it at first, not going to lie. It wasn’t until you thought you could dominate me that I drew the line. Clearly, between us two, I’m the dominant one, though you don’t see it, it’s me. I’m the one in control of things and I’m the one who is truly mastering that puppet string, you only think you’re not a puppet because you have a small knob between your legs? Haha! So as soon as you thought you could take the reigns, I showed who’s the boss.

As soon as you thought you could cross me and get away with it, I thought “why not?” What better could I do than to have my sweet revenge?

At the moment you thought you were safe was when I struck my revenge! That bittersweet moment where you thought you could get away scotch free. That’s when I decided to expose you. Yes, I’m the one who let out your dirty secret.

It was bittersweet indeed. I didn’t want to hurt you of course, but the pain you felt was worth every second! Now you’re crawling back to me just like the Stockholm Syndrome struck puppy I expected you to be. So what exactly are you expecting from talking to me again, pathetic loser?

Want to go again for round 2?!

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