Religious Fantasies

Born to sin with Sinful Phone Sex... religious fetish, fantasy, and blasphemous kinks!

Sinful Phone Sex with Ava: 1-866-3HOTSEX #666

You were born to sin, and you were born to serve… It’s in every man’s nature to fall at the feet of a seductress and sinful temptress like Eve. One who couldn’t hold prude enough to keep from tasting the Forbidden Fruits. Not even Adam could keep Eve away from tasting the fruit of the Sinful Snake… and sinful Ava is no different. The snake has only gotten much larger since then, and much more fuckable.

Don’t be shy with Ava, I am the one to know your darkest and most sinful desires. I’ll also find a way to use them against you, then threaten you with them once I have you cornered in my place. It’s in my Lilith, Jezebel spirit to completely and utterly destroy you from the inside out. I’ll live rent free in your head forever; once you cross to the dark side with me, there will be no escaping and no coming back. Those sinful perversions you entertain won’t just be fantasy with me, they will be a lifestyle that you will live!

Evil Queen of Phone Sex. 1-866-346-8739 Extension #666.

Call 1-866-346-8739 and dial #666.

Those who know me know what I advertise is no joke. I’m the evil queen of darkness and some things I offer are twisted in fantasy. I enjoy converting others to the side of the darkness, where I can reign as queen forever and ever. I’m always pushing men to the limits, getting them to dive in extremely sinful fantasies that are beyond return. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bad influence, because I am.

I’m definitely not the kind of girl you should bring home to your church-going family. I will desecrate the very comfort of their home and family. I will take their son beyond the depths of sin of evil. Converting him to my religion will be simple, because his religion will be feeding and worshiping my tight pussy. Feeding from this pussy will be his main goal and care in the world, forever and ever. The parents will despise me.

Once you go into the darkness, it’s true, you don’t return. Not without a killer fetish, and a taste for flesh and blood. That’s why your parents will probably start to notice the change in you, if you’re fucking with me. They’ll realize their son has lost it and start to wonder what has changed with him. When they finally see me for the first time, all their fears will have come true, because they’ll realize I’m truly evil.

I’ll enjoy taking their son away. Family holidays? You’ll spend them with my pussy. Family birthdays? Then when they ask where you’ve been all this time, you’ll tell them you’ve been spending a lot of time with Ava Adore. They’ll get jealous of all the time you devote to my pussy!


Finally, our special is coming to its end…

So many people claim to be “Satanists” but what they really partake in is glorified Atheism. While that’s cute and all, I am a true Satanist, and by that I mean I identify as Goddess Babalon the Whore 93/93.

I am depraved, sinful, and powerful all the same. I know my place in the cycle of life is at the top, being a predator rather than prey. I am a wolf, not a sheep, not a follower of the herd.

All the other Satanist sex magick girls are the ones who pretend to be me. Yet it’s me who is the true whore, who men bow to as they drink my nectar. It’s in my pussy where the magickal orgasm happens. It’s my sacred pussy where the blood of the moon comes from, and I know many are at mercy to its power.

You think you’re tough enough to try a real sex magick ritual? Don’t get so ahead of yourself, because if you do it, you truly will be mine forever. However, if you are so depraved enough to partake in one of my Rituals, bookings in advance are required…

I’ll be waiting.


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