Exposed Pathetic Losers

My ATM slave is so pathetic! He grovels at my feet with his little dick as hard as a rock. All I can do is laugh when I see him in such a pathetic state… which is nearly ALL the damn time! Oh yeah, he can’t get enough of me treating him like the little paypig slave he is. It’s what he deserves. My slave works hard at his job earning money just to spend it all on his beautiful Mistress.

What more could the piggy want in life? He needs to be used. I take his wallet and do whatever I please. It’s not like he can resist me anyway. Being degraded and used like the ATM bitch he is makes his fucking day. So as I extract his money I make him do other humiliating things while I’m at it. It could be making him wear panties or forcing him to dildo himself. Or spank himself raw. Oh it could be many things or all of the above! Whatever I’m in the mood to make him do he does it. That’s what a good piglet does for their real life Goddess. I make that slut work hard just to spend every dime on me. Like I said, it’s what he deserves! And he knows I deserve that $$$ hahaha. You could become my ATM slave too, if you dare.

See you soon, piglet. Oink oink.

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