Makayla is my name and my hobby is controlling men’s sex lives and wallets. Playful humiliation and JOI are just a couple of my favorite ways to play. I love being worshiped because I’m definitely royalty,

I love diving into your mind and controlling your dirty thoughts. Your wife or girlfriend? Yeah, she won’t be able to arouse you like I can after I’m done with you. You’ll find this more apparent when you hear my cute voice. Even after I’ve left you, and you’re in bed with your wife, it’s me you’re still going to be thinking about. I am hard to forget!

The sweetness in my voice and the sexy look on my face are more than enough to drive you crazy. My tight body will make you want to do all sorts of things just to have it. But will I ever be that nice enough to let you have me? Hmmm… Royalty like this Princess doesn’t have to undress in order to keep you coming back! I already have you where I want you.

When you start thinking about me more than you had planned then you know it’s too late. Already I am taking control. Your thoughts, your cock, they’re mine.




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