Student-Teacher Fantasies

The hottest professor student fantasy you’ve experienced in a while. You’ve been watching me in class for quite some time. I catch your eye and yet you try to look away like it was nothing. Trust me, it was never just “nothing”. There’s something on your mind and it’s of the dirty kind.

You still can’t seem to look away from me. So I sit there in my desk giving you a nice view in my short skirt. It makes you blush. You become flustered. I can see it on your face, hehe. I wouldn’t doubt that behind your desk you have to touch yourself. On exam days I get so excited because that’s when I really like to act out. I’m sure the last time we had an exam is still fresh on your mind.

I didn’t even pay you any attention. No eye contact. But I decided a short skirt and no panties were a good choice. I sat there in front of you spreading my legs here and there. I could feel your eyes on me. Still, my eyes stayed on my paper. But I’m quite sure I know what you were doing behind your desk, sir.

How about you show me what you were doing? I’m really curious!

Many of you know I’m a taboo teacher, but that’s not all I’m capable of! Actually, I’m training in erotic massage therapy too. After much convincing from a girlfriend of mine, I figured I would join her on her erotic massage therapy business. Since I have the perfect figure and the mind, I was perfect for the job.

Truthfully, we don’t work for just any old rub and tug shop! We work online, and we do in calls and out calls much like an escort. When a guy finds our ad online, he will give us a call and we will meet up with him either in a specified location or a classy 5-star hotel room. Then we continue with a full body session finished off with a happy ending experience.


Lately, a few of my phone clients have taken an interest in this pursuit of mine. I have learned to incorporate what I’ve learned at massage school and have applied it to my JOI sessions. I can instruct you on how to pleasure yourself to your maximum capabilities while you let your mind go wild with your massage therapist fantasies. You can actually become a part of my journey and enjoy a relaxing experience every moment we speak.

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