Religious Fantasies

So many people claim to be “Satanists” but what they really partake in is glorified Atheism. While that’s cute and all, I am a true Satanist, and by that I mean I identify as Goddess Babalon the Whore 93/93.

I am depraved, sinful, and powerful all the same. I know my place in the cycle of life is at the top, being a predator rather than prey. I am a wolf, not a sheep, not a follower of the herd.

All the other Satanist sex magick girls are the ones who pretend to be me. Yet it’s me who is the true whore, who men bow to as they drink my nectar. It’s in my pussy where the magickal orgasm happens. It’s my sacred pussy where the blood of the moon comes from, and I know many are at mercy to its power.

You think you’re tough enough to try a real sex magick ritual? Don’t get so ahead of yourself, because if you do it, you truly will be mine forever. However, if you are so depraved enough to partake in one of my Rituals, bookings in advance are required…

I’ll be waiting.


Real Sex Magick Rituals 1-833-3HOTSEX Ext 66

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Standard Rates:

$2.oo USD per minute

$25.oo USD minimum purchase

Standard rates apply to all calls

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