Guided Masturbation

Tonight you will be jerking off for me. I get to be your jerk off instructor. Aren’t you feeling lucky huh! It’s all about pleasing your Princess. The best way to please me is by obeying my every word. I love telling you what to do with your aching cock. Making you stroke and tease it for me.

Mmm let’s not stop at JOI either. I want to take things further with you. I think you can handle what I’m about to say… Tonight you’re going to be a good boy and eat your load for your Princess. You know how happy it makes me when you do as I say. Plus, you DO want to be a good boy, right?

If so then you know what is eventually going to happen. I will ease you into it. All you need to do is focus on my sweet voice that guides you. When you obey your Princess it sends shivers down to my pussy. I love hearing you stroke that cock for me as well.

If you really want to be a good boy then call me. It’s simple. You’re going to love jerking off for this very sexy girl. Don’t forget about Saturday & Sunday!

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The tempting dark side of phone sex is easy to give into. All your dark desires can be easily fulfilled when you allow yourself to go to the dark side.

Are you ready to have a taste of your next addiction? Once you have a taste of me, you will never stop wanting to have more than just a taste

I will guide you to the edge of sin and pleasure. Give in to the things you know are wrong. You will taste the forbidden fruit.

I don’t judge, I’ve heard it all. You could never shock me by confessing your dirty thoughts!

By confessing to me, you will relieve yourself of all that bottled up tension you have… you know your dark deeds have been eating you alive!

Tell me about those dark deeds you are dying to confess!!

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