Friends With Benefits

Lately I’ve had a FWB who has been needing to be teased & denied to put him in place. That’s why I’ve started denying him the privilege to fuck me and I’ve been getting big black cock instead. I’ve even been having bareback sex with these guys and often come home with a pussy full of cum. I don’t really care if he can’t enjoy himself, as long as I’m getting mine and he’s getting denied! I’ve been letting everyone have a piece of me, except him. His cock must be aching now because he misses this white pussy so bad.

There will be no pussy for him though! From here on out, I’m only letting black guys fill me up. I’m a bit of a size queen anyway and it seems only big, dark & and handsome men have a big enough one for me. Poor FWB isn’t a friend with benefits after all. The benefits have been denied! He will just have to turn into my cuckold for now, haha! He better not even bother trying to have a piece of me again, because he knows all he’s going to get are pictures of my rendezvous! (jessi)

My hot FWB decided to pick me up for a night of fireworks and fooling around. It’s unfortunate I don’t get to see him that often as he doesn’t live in town anymore. But I knew he missed how amazing I made him feel the last time we were together.

When I saw him waiting for me in his car my heart began to skip a beat. Not only that but I was beginning to feel tingly… you know where. He decided to drive us out to the country. We used to go there a lot for which you probably know why already. While driving there I was feeling his hard cock through his jeans. I was teasing it and even I couldn’t resist pulling it out.

My mouth wrapped around the head as I felt him grab a handful of my hair. When we pulled over I couldn’t help but pull my panties off and climb on top of him. I felt like I was already seeing fireworks before the fireworks even started! Being Friends With Benefits is so much fun! I love to have a good time and I totally know how to use my body.

By the time my FWB dropped me off I could hardly walk straight. Things got so hot & heavy between us that I forgot to grab my panties from his car! It’s no worry though, they will be a nice reminder to him for next time he’s in town.

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