Cosplay Fetish

The other night Daddy had me dress up as the kinky anime version of a character from our favorite video game. I think I did a pretty good job, don’t you? Except for I added an extra special Tara “addition” to the cosplay outfit. Of course I had to include bunny ears and a bunny tail butt plug! I may be a bit of a “furry pet” inside but I can’t help it. I just love being collared and my ass plugged. Leashes and chains are great too, but that wouldn’t be so nice to do to such an innocent little bunny, or would it?

If that kind of naughty stuff is what you like to do to little slut bunnies, then I don’t mind. I won’t tell anyone your secret! In fact, guys who love to torture little slut bunnies like me are perfect. Bring on the whips, the chains, the costumes and sexy outfits! I love it all. It’s just like being a Barbie Doll for Daddy and I think it’s so damn hot! But even more than that because barbie dolls you dress up, but you can dress me up in the naughtiest outfit you like and make me your fuck doll too! Like a real life blowup barbie.

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