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panty loversPanty lovers are so much fun to tease. My boyfriend is one of them. I enjoy getting him off with a pair of my sexy panties. How do I do this? Well there are many ways to go about it! But the last time we played I decided to use my panties on his cock. Already we were making out and feeling each other up. I took him to my bedroom where I made him get on the bed.

Then I started stripping off my clothes as he watched. His cock was so hard as he watched me. I noticed he kept looking at my cute cotton panties. I pulled them down as I kept my eyes on him. With the panty in my hand I walked over and wrapped them around his cock. It was so hot squeezing his shaft while the fabric covered it. I looked him in the eyes again as I stroked faster. The hot moaning noises he made had me so wet!

The soft cotton felt amazing against his skin he told me. I didn’t want to stop and of course he didn’t want me to either. I just kept stroking until he couldn’t hold back any longer. He left a nice mess for me to clean up!

Panty lovers, let’s talk.

Happy Easter from here at Just for you we have arranged a few special hidden surprises here on our website. Find one or all of our golden eggs and receive a golden special! Inside every egg is a hot phone sex special that is sure to make you feel like you’ve won a BIG one! There are a total of 3 eggs hidden on our website. One of our eggs is a grand prize egg and has a special FREE phone sex call hidden inside. But you better hurry. Once the grand prize egg is found it will disappear! If you find more than one, you may only redeem each egg ONCE and only use one coupon per day. Once the grand prize egg is found there will only be a total of two eggs left, so get to hunting everyone!

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Turning you on with my sensual voice is always exciting for me. Not only my hot young voice can do the trick but of course my sexy body helps too. I want your completely undivided attention right now. Come find out what you’ve been missing all along. I’m clearly everything you could ever want in a hot girl.

For the right man I can be the perfect daddy’s girl. I’m hoping the right man is you! Are you ready to teach me a few things? Like very important life lessons. I need you to teach me since I still have so much to learn. I want to learn from the best person. So I should choose none other than daddy! Also, may I remind you that I’m still in high school. My days are usually spent around boys who know next to nothing about sex. The guys at my school are so boring. If any of them told me to call them “daddy” then I would laugh in their faces.

Those guys really think I would want to submit to them! God they have no idea how much I rather have a man with real experience. I can’t wait to be called a daddy’s girl by my very own Daddy! Your lolita fuck toy wants to play already.



Do you have a smoking fetish? I admit that I love having a good smoke! I think you know the kind that I’m talking about. Where I live I can find some really awesome stuff.  Bud isn’t hard to come across around here at all. I have some pretty great hook ups too. So it quite literally is at my fingertips. I smoke after school but I’ll even smoke in the morning before school. I don’t give a fuck!

No one has said anything to me yet. No teacher or classmate. So I keep doing what I want. But for tonight I don’t have to worry about shit! It’s Saturday and I’m ready to party. Let’s have some fun. I’ve got enough good stuff for your smoking fetish.

It would turn me on so much if you did CEI with me. It’s really naughty and yes maybe a little nasty too. Although I think if you’re willing to do it then I think it will be fun for both of us! Don’t be one of those guys who is too chicken shit to even try a little taste. I can’t deal with that!

You’re talking to royalty here. So you better obey me or get out of my face, sweetie. Now are you ready to play dirty with me or not? I want to tease you so your yummy cum keeps building up in your balls. You should know by now why I would want to do this.

Build up a sticky load for me. It would get me really hot if you did whatever I said. That includes CEI of course! That’s what I want most of all right now. Let’s get nasty. Have a taste for Princess Makayla.

Seduction with Lexi

Maybe you thought I didn’t know how to do seduction like this. Well you were definitely wrong! I love seducing men and making them all mine. I don’t have to be obnoxious about it. I can work my way into any man’s life – taken or not. If I set my eyes on a particular guy then I’m going to eventually have my way with him. Do you think I’m joking? If I really want I could have any man of my choice. I know how to act sweet and then lead him into my almost hypnotic seduction. Well I shouldn’t say “almost” because it really is hypnosis!

You might think I’m not the kind of girl who would know anything about that. Again, you would be wrong. If you’re feeling brave enough then come and try me. I will happily make you ALL mine.

You know I love you baby, but I love that big black cock more. I’m sorry baby.. my white pussy couldn’t help going without that for too long! We can still fuck though, right? You know I love your cock too, I just like black cock way more. The way it feels GOD it’s so fucking good and makes me cum… but this blog is about you baby, not bbc phone sex which is what our relationship has come down to anyway. Though maybe if you’re lucky you might get a pic of me fucking and sucking my new black boyfriend! I’m just kidding. That would be so cruel of me to deny you from at least seeing this pussy for too long. I won’t be cruel like that baby, I promise. You know I’ll always sext you pics of us because I know you’ll really miss this white pussy now that I’m fucking my new bf. Probably way more than I ever fucked you in our entire relationship. It’s ok though because you know I’ll always come back to give you some of this pussy in secret, right after I’ve fucked him and let him cum inside me!


Your Black Dick Loving Whore


Hey guys, I’m so horny right now. Does anyone want to masturbate with me tonight? I’ll do whatever you want me to do, just say it. I just really want to talk to someone on the phone right now so we can masturbate together. I have all kinds of toys and I’m just looking to get really kinky! If you’re looking for a real horny girl to talk with then please please call my number 858.365.0443.

If you’re reading this and stroking your big hard dick then I want to know. I love when all eyes are on me. I would love to join you even more, so don’t cum without me!! Call me and let’s cum together!


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